The Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation (ACCCE) is an AFP-led response to counter the online exploitation of children. ACCCE has a large online presence and regularly updates their website resources and social media graphics. Most of these resources and graphics are also used in classroom settings for teaching children and parents/carers.
In early 2023, under the AFP’s umbrella, the ACCCE team released their Human Trafficking and Strategic Plan 2023-2026. I was tasked with typesetting the report and creating infographics and illustrations while also sourcing appropriate imagery that were sensitive to the subject matter. 
For my work on the report, the team granted me a 2023 Australia Day Achievement Award.
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Motion graphics
External resource kits
Campaign materials
Phone mockup playing Snapchat advertisement that informs teenagers about what sextortion is. Next to mockup are two posters that show what sextortion is and steps to do and not to do when reporting.

Campaign beginning in 2022 to combat child sextortion, targeting a demographic of teenage boys.
Above: awareness posters for high schools, banks and community hubs and 15 second Snapchat ad we created.

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