The Australian Federal Police (AFP) design team receives dozens of requests every day from all aspects of the organisation. To accommodate the large organisation, they outsource work for internal and some external communications. 
In 2023, their re-brand required new templates, external merchandise, internal web graphics, documents, presentations and more. This requires a lot of back/forth within the organisation as it is not a one-size-fits-all policy and is an excellent learning experience for me as a designer to collaborate with my client and its internal designers.
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Internal + external resource kits
Campaign materials
Mockup of A4 booklet that outlines the AFP's Human Trafficking Strategic Plan for 2022-26.

Under the AFP’s umbrella, the ACCCE team released their Human Trafficking and Strategic Plan 2023-2026.
For my work on the report, the team granted me a 2023 Australia Day Achievement Award.

Mockup showing the AFP's campaign in Australian airports requesting passengers be on good behaviour during the holiday period.
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